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White Collar Crime, Anti-Corruption & Fraud
Hazelbrook Legal
The DIN regime aims to reduce fraud and 'phoenixing' and to facilitate better accountability for directors.
Astor Legal
A female disability worker has been jailed for stealing jewellery and cash from her disabled and terminally ill patients.
Stacks Law Firm
Catfishing is the act committed on social media of luring strangers into relationships by creating fake online personas.
Pointon Partners
If you pay a debt to the wrong account because of a fraud, you could well be required to pay twice.
Astor Legal
Fraud in NSW falls under the offence of ‘Obtaining financial advantage or property by deception' in the Crimes Act 1900.
Shelston IP
What can brand owners do to combat counterfeiters in Australia?
Rahman Ravelli Solicitors
Australian bank Westpac is to pay a record fine of A$1.3 billion (£722 million) after it admitted more than 23 million breaches of money-laundering laws.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
The US is attempting to have the Australian journalist and publisher extradited, under the UK-US Extradition Treaty.
Johnson Winter & Slattery
Consultant, Robert Wyld and Associate, Lara Douvartzidis have written the Australian chapter in the ICLG Guide to sanctions law.
Astor Legal
Discusses recent case where bank admitted to breaching money laundering & terrorism financing laws.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Recent case addressing laws against money laundering & terrorism financing discussed.
Moulis Legal
"Creditor-defeating dispositions" is a new concept and a new offence introduced into the Corporations Act.
Insights into the rise in large-scale cybercriminal activity, its impact and the lessons to be learned. Link to GD journal article.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
The case highlights the misuse of the state database, which has been found systemically accessed without authorisation.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Personal data of more than 50,000 Australian driver licence holders was uploaded and left exposed in open cloud storage.
Marino Law
The lender did not verify the identity of the defendant, whose son fraudulently signed her name on mortgage documents.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Law, defences & penalties discussed in light of a recent allegation where a man forced another to change his statement to police.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Notable Australian lawyers have signed the letter, which calls for the "long overdue" release of the Wikileaks' founder.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
If a CEO underperforms, mishandles a company's assets or engages in misconduct, rarely do they face serious consequences.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Three women from Queensland have been charged after allegedly attempting to access superannuation belonging to other people.
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