The Brexit issue has focussed the thoughts of many people on the question of citizenship and more particularly the question of obtaining dual citizenship.  There are many benefits to dual nationality; however, the most prominent reason for many people is the fact that dual nationality can ] facilitate freedom of movement around Europe.  Giambrone has a remarkable immigration team who have managed to overcome some considerable hurdles in the past to achieve Italian citizenship for our clients. 

Elze Obrikyte, a leading lawyer in our immigration department, maintains a close watching brief on all aspects of the immigration process in Italy and is reactive to any perceived problems or potential impediments and develops strategies to keep ahead of the trends.  Elze and the team utilise their collective well-regarded expertise and considerable experience to navigate the various barriers that are placed in the path of the applicants.

Elze has noticed that the Consulate is taking a very much stricter attitude with regard to small discrepancies within the documentation used for the citizenship applications in recent months, which obviously impedes and in some cases halts the progress of an application.  Individuals who attempt to navigate the process on their own frequently find that they come up against obstacles that they cannot negotiate, such as this new thinking within the Consulate.  Fortunately Giambrone has developed a counter to the problem of the Consulate's new attitude, over and above the normal scrutinising the documentation for defects, "As the Consulate officers are now rejecting applications based on the smallest of deficiency, I now encourage all our clients to gather together absolutely all the documentation that could possibly be relevant, regardless of whether it is  called for,  on the basis that the greater the volume of evidence, the less chance a Consulate officer can exercise their discretion to reject an application".  

This tactic is especially helpful in the cases where clients are relying on their Italian heritage for citizenship; when our expert lawyers analyse the potential for success, based on the documentation presented by a client, it may be clear that the application may come into question due to some minor problem.  Our specialist immigration lawyers can bring into play a counter strategy to avoid the potential for rejection and smooth the progress of the application.

Elze and her team take considerable trouble to ensure that every application meets with success to the extent of coaching our clients in the way to approach and what to say to the Consulate officers, as the clients have to attend the appointments on their own without support.  Elze said," I try to predict all possible questions to give our clients the best possible chance of success".  Giambrone is delighted and proud to confirm that the firm has recently been able to bring to fruition the desire of a considerable number of clients to become Italian citizens, some of whom are planning to retire to Italy and had thought that their long cherished retirement plans would not be able to be fulfilled when Brexit came on the horizon.

The complexity and the length of time it takes can be quite daunting but Giambrone's dedicated immigration team devote time, meticulous attention to detail and persistence to ensure our clients can achieve their dream of Italian citizenship.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.