In this edition

Supervisory Authorities

  • Challenge of the guidelines of the European Banking Authority and notice of compliance by the Prudential Supervisory and Resolution Authority (ACPR)
  • Strengthening of ESMA's powers vis-à-vis central counterparties
  • ESMA and Colleges of Central Counterparties

Financial Intermediaries

  • Definition of credit institution and extension of the competence of the European Central Bank
  • Categories of third country central counterparties
  • Prudential regulations applicable to investment firms


  • Manipulation of the Euribor rate and anti-competitive practice
  • Penalties for obstructing AMF investigations

Consumer protection

  • Strengthening of consumer protection
  • Reduction of the total cost of credit in the event of early repayment
  • Mention of the APR in the consumer credit agreement
  • Due diligence of the presenting banker in the event of cheques made payable to a person who is a court-appointed administrator
  • Due diligence of the presenting banker when cashing cheques on which the name of a payee has been added next to the name of the initial payee
  • Under what conditions can a borrower blame a bank for having calculated the interest on the loan over a 360-day banking year?
  • Are insurance companies obliged to provide annual information to the guarantor?

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