If you intend to immigrate permanently to Portugal, guaranteeing means of subsistence generated in the country and striving for a high quality of life, the D2 Visa is the ideal opportunity.

The D2 Visa, also known as the Entrepreneur Visa, is obtained usually through the constitution of a company in Portugal in which the candidate practices its activity in national territory and with that, presumably generates jobs and economic growth.

In order to demonstrate that the activity you propose to develop in Portugal may in fact be of interest and value to the country you must, at the outset, present the competent authorities with proof of business viability, a solid and profitable business plan, the share capital and, last but not least, the reason for choosing Portugal.

In this sense, and considering the last requirement, it is important to reinforce that Portugal continues to be one of the most attractive countries in the world for tourists and immigrants, due to its climate, natural landscapes, gastronomy, costs and quality of life.

Among the many benefits that obtaining this visa brings to its candidates, the most important are free entry and circulation within the Schengen Area, the possibility of family reunification and the possibility of combining obtaining the D2 Visa with the Non-Habitual Resident Regime.

This regime allows the income of someone immigrating to Portugal not to be taxed during the first 10 years in the country.

On a tax level, please note that taxes for income of individual residents are calculated by a progressive rate ranging from 14.5% to 48%.

NHR scheme beneficiaries are excluded from this.

The following types of rates apply to business income: CIT at a rate of 21% and the TSU for social security deduction purposes. In this sense the employee pays 11% and the employer pays 23.75%.

The D2 visa is a two-step process that begins at the Portuguese consulate of the applicant's area of residence - to apply for a residence visa that allows a maximum of two entries and a stay in

Portugal - and is completed in Portugal before the Immigration Office with an interview to obtain a residence card.

The application for this visa can be made through 3 different situations: A written contract or proposal to provide services within the scope of the liberal professions; the establishment or participation in a company; and the development of an entrepreneurial project and creation of an innovative company integrated in a certified incubator.

The essential documentation to be collected at an early stage of the application will be a statement with the reasons for the application, the applicant's criminal record, proof of accommodation in Portugal, proof of means of subsistence for a period of 12 months and evidence related to the enterprise option.

Finally, it should be noted that this residence must be renewed at the end of the second year of validity and every two years thereafter and that after 5 years of authorised residence in Portugal through this visa, you may request to obtain Portuguese nationality and a Portuguese passport

The D2 Visa presents itself as an excellent option for all those who see themselves in a professional and personal future with high quality of life in an attractive, safe and prosperous country.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.