At the end of 2021, Shinfield Studios was granted full planning permission to build a state of the art film and television production complex within the Thames Valley Science Park in Shinfield, near Reading.

Once it is fully operational, Shinfield Studios will become the largest television and film studio development in the UK. The entire facility will comprise office spaces, workshops and 18 sound stages - 13 of which are already available and have welcomed productions by major players in the creative industry, such as Disney and Sony.

The final stage of construction is expected to reach completion by early 2024. Shinfield Studios promises to boost the UK's reputation as a world-class destination for TV and film production and it will certainly help the UK to meet the growing demand for studio space within the creative sector.

Shinfield Studios is purportedly expected to generate about £600m a year for the UK economy and to generate jobs across the UK creative industry as well as within the Berkshire community. I am looking forward to seeing an increase in the (already impressive) number of UK television and film productions in the upcoming years as a result of this impressive project.

Activities within the creative industry are set to rise and so it is crucial that businesses in this arena take all necessary steps to ensure they have appropriate intellectual property protection. Our Entertainment and Creative Industries Team is here to assist with that.

All 18 soundstages at Shinfield Studios, near Reading, will be in use early next year, with the entire Hollywood-style complex expected to be finished by the end of 2024.

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