Article by Mr. Pavan Duggal, Advocate, Supreme Court of India & President, Cyberlaws.Net

The recent terrorist attack on the WTC Towers in New York has outraged humanity in no uncertain terms. For the first time in so many years, we have seen unanimity amongst all nations in condemning the said brutal terrorists attacks which used planes as bombing devices to demolish the two towers which were largely symbolic of the American nation and the American freedom and liberty.

Thereafter while steps are still being taken to investigate the real culprits behind the terrorist attacks, the Internet is already buzzing with that activity. Internet lists throughout the world have been throwing up helpful inputs for dissemination of information. Even in the hour of the crises, the Internet came to the rescue of America for delivering emails and voice over IP.

Already the netizen population of not only America but all other countries is enraged by the attempt of certain Islamic countries to perpetuate the cause of terrorism by harboring terrorists within their national boundaries. Hackers are beginning to take stock and have threatened action. My feeling is that after the Tuesday terrorists attacks on World Trade Tower on 11th September 2001 we are likely to see a very highly intense growth in the volume of cyber crimes over the Internet with specific reference to cyber crimes against property and nations.

Hacking is going to substantially increase as large number of hackers plans to hack and stop sites of certain countries from working. Lot of hackers are also planning net attacks upon the said countries and their networks. In addition, we are likely to see great increase in cyber war activities as the new war in the 21st century is likely to be fought on Internet and in cyberspace rather than in the real world. It is very much possible that the current scenario emerging post the World Trade Center attacks is likely to rewrite the rules of the game and further redefine the concept of cyber war and cyber attacks.

While there is an eminent likelihood of great enhancement in the total volume of cyber crime, yet there is also another angle to the said issue. While aggression is the best defence, the back up defence must also be well in place. Just as American hackers plan to do various hackings and other cyber war activities over the net targeted at certain countries, it is but natural to expect that there would be retaliation from the targeted quarters. It is possible that the said retaliation is likely to be aimed at destabilizing the Internet. Thus, security measures need to be beefed up in the context of cyberspace.

We, as netizens and nations all across the world, must do everything possible to ensure that Internet is protected in the coming times. This is not only essential for preserving progress and development but also imperative for enhancing the cause of Internet. After all, we must understand that Internet is possibly the most important technological development that mankind has ever seen after the advent of fire.

Internet is the heritage of humanity that we have invented and developed. Internet is bound to be the foundation stone for further progress and development of the entire humanity. All efforts must be aimed at directing and preserving the infrastructure, mechanism and procedures apart from the life and spirit of the Internet. This is essential because if Internet lives, humanity has the chance to leap frog into further horizons of progress, growth and development.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.