With over half of the phone shipments in 2016 being smartphones, Africa is fast-becoming another distracted society!

Nearly half of smartphone owners regularly use their devices on public transport, at work and while shopping. The younger a consumer is and the faster their network, the more likely they are to use their phones as they go about their day.

As smartphones become ever more embedded in our lives, we see new opportunities and challenges for the mobile sector, retailers, advertisers and beyond. The economic stimulus is key for Africa's future as she learns to diversify her economic prosperity from the past world of commodities into a new digital world of opportunity in all industries.

We conducted a consumer survey on the mobile industry, and synthesised the results into 4 themes found in this report - each with its own set of business implications:

  • Mobile Internet is dominant, WiFi is growing, but fibre is the dark horse;
  • Reliability and Speed in a brand-neutral continent;
  • Device ownership habits in Africa – what we buy, sell, cherish or donate;
  • Smartphones are not just a part of our lives, they are our lives.

Download the report Africa Mobile Consumer Survey 2015/2016

Download the slides Africa Mobile Consumer Survey 2015/2016

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