Challenge Briefing

The Chief Operating Officer of a North American financial services company reached out for assistance. The company was in the process of considering a candidate for a top-level executive position, and a background check was needed to ensure that the individual was suitable for the role and ensure business integrity. The candidate had been recommended by the several top executives in the organization.

The urgency of the situation was further compounded by the need to complete the background check within a short timeline of just five business days. The company needed sufficient information to make an informed decision on whether or not to move forward with the candidate, and time was of the essence.


Our intelligence and investigation team conducted an initial analysis and uncovered allegations of potential embezzlement charges and financial crimes investigations in Latin America through a variety of sources, including social media posts and alternative news sites. Our standard procedure for these cases would involve conducting a reputational review that involves human sources, but due to the urgency of the situation, we decided to perform a public record search in all countries in Latin America that focused on these risks.

Our comprehensive media review included an assessment of the individual's online presence, from their public profiles to their hidden online activity, and revealed information not accessible through public records. Our technology-based media review included analyzing not only text-based searches but also image and video content, along with written comments, that may contain problematic content.

In the course of our review, we found that the subject had been allegedly involved in fraudulent activities linked to a known group that operates worldwide and has been responsible for multiple embezzlement schemes. We also discovered that the subject had links to the leaders of the group, who were based in Argentina.

Our focus was on verifying these allegations and identifying any possible connections to the individuals in official public records. Despite the limited timeframe, we were able to complete the full report within the given deadline, allowing our client to make a well-informed decision not to hire this individual for a high-level position in their organization.


Through a rigorous combination of technology-driven media review and detailed public record analysis, we were able to unearth this candidate's criminal history and allegations, thereby safeguarding the client's integrity, reputation, and resilience.

Our advanced technological tools allowed us to analyze the individual's media presence comprehensively, delving deep into their online activity to uncover crucial information not readily available through public records alone. By scrutinizing images, video content, and written comments, we flagged any controversial content and produced an accurate and comprehensive report.

Through our thorough public record review, we were able to corroborate our findings and provide the client with a detailed analysis of the individual's criminal past. Our timely and efficient efforts allowed the company to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the candidate, protecting their business and ensuring that their reputation and culture remain intact.

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