Three more regulations envisaged by the new Law on Protection of the Consumers which became effective on 28 May 2014 have entered into force. The mentioned regulations which entered into force by publishing at the Official Gazette dated 13 June 2014 and numbered 29029 are as below:

  • The Certificate of Warranty Regulation,
  • The Regulation on After Sales Services,
  • Introductory and Users' Manual Regulation,

Unlike the previous regulation, with the Certificate of Warranty Regulation, it has been withdrawn from the principal of the approval of Certificate of Warranty by the Ministry; it has been regulated that the Consumers who had chosen the right of free repair before may execute the other alternative claim rights thereafter; while previously four times of break-down within a year or six times of break-down within the warranty period was required for the return of the goods, now the goods may be returned just in case the break-down occurs again.

Unlike the previous regulation, with the Regulation on After Sales Services, the scope of responsible entities that will render after sales services have been expanded; improvements have been implemented in certain subjects with regard to the after sales service qualification certificate; the obligation to provide equivalent product during the repairing period has been regulated clearly; apart from the break-down within the warranty period, the obligation to provide the repair service throughout the life time of the good has been regulated.

Some points that causes hesitation at the practice have been regulated clearly with the Introductory and Users' Manual Regulation and it has been tried to overcome the hesitation thereby.

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