Despite the pandemic, Dubai's real estate market continues to show some unexpected results.

In the first half of 2020, transactions exceeded 16 billion euros with the highest sales in Dubai Marina (770 million euros).

A continued buyer and lessee market is expected, especially in 2021 with Expo Dubai, a major turn-around is expected.

Huge growth at various budget levels in the city, including some of the most expensive properties in the world. But at the same time there is growing buyer interest in new community developments.

There is a real change in the number of people buying for the first time in Dubai. Those who used to rent and who think now is the best time to buy a property.

For many, Covid-19 has led to loss of employment or income and financial instability, but for those with financial reserves it seems the perfect time to buy.

Investors are betting on a gradual return of confidence in the market.

The long-term impact of Covid-19 is not yet clear, those who invest seem to believe in a gradual return of market confidence and the industry will become the focus in the coming months.

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