Under Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia Regulation No. PM 3 of 2015 dated 7 January 2015 on the Implementation of One-Stop Integrated Services in the field of Transportation at the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) ("Regulation 3/2015"), the Minister of Transportation has now delegated its authority to issue transportation business licenses for capital investment to the Head of BKPM.

The Business Licenses which have been delegated are:

  1. Business license for sea transportation companies (Surat Izin Usaha Perusahaan Angkutan Laut or SIUPAL);
  2. Operational license for special sea transportation companies (Surat Izin Operasi Perusahaan Angkutan Laut Khusus or SIOPSUS);
  3. Registration of port business entities (Badan Usaha Pelabuhan);
  4. Business license for salvage and underwater work companies;
  5. Business license for recruitment and placement of ship crew (Izin Usaha Perekrutan dan Penempatan Awak Kapal or IUPPAK);
  6. License for commercial airport business entities (Izin Badan Usaha Bandar Udara); and
  7. Business license for air transportation (Izin Usaha Angkutan Udara).

Licenses issued before Regulation 3/2015 came into force remain valid until they expire. The Regulation has been in force since 7 January 2015.

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