1) Introducing the concept of bad faith, which is now one of the grounds for the following:

  1. Rejecting a trademark application.
  2. Punishing trademark applicant and/or agent, including punishment by court due to starting litigation.
  3. Opposing a trademark application.
  4. Invalidating a registered trademark.

2) Perfecting remedies against trademark infringement as below:

  1. Increasing multiples of license fee to "1 to 5 times". [Note: from "1 to 3 times"]
  2. Increasing the cap of statutory damage RMB 5 million. [Note: from RMB 3 million]
  3. Trademark owner could request a court to destroy products that infringed a registered trademark, and materials and tools for manufacturing the infringing products.
  4. Products that infringed a registered trademark are not allowed to enter commercial channel merely after removing the infringing registered trademark.

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