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lus Laboris
As discussed previously in our podcast, there is an ongoing debate around the world as to whether gig workers should be classified as employees or self-employed.
Vincent Young
The Applicant, Ms Ajax, made an application to the Fair Work Commission (Commission) for an unfair dismissal remedy
Kott Gunning
The case demonstrates the need for employers to make prompt and contemporaneous enquiries into workplace injuries.
Harmers Workplace Lawyers
Flu vaccinations in the workplace can result in increased productivity, and reduced absenteeism among childcare workers.
Harmers Workplace Lawyers
Menulog recently announced that it will "make a shift toward an employment model for Menulog food couriers in Australia.
Holding Redlich
Employees must be paid for any substantive task required by the employer in what may otherwise be considered unpaid time.
In Australia, an employer may ask an employee to work on a public holiday, if the request is reasonable.
It is crucial that employers foster a safe environment and support employees who suffer from mental health conditions.
R&P China Lawyers
Companies in China should have valid employment contracts, a staff handbook, and comply with local laws and regulations.
Hong Kong
Reynolds Porter Chamberlain
For a lot of companies, the last 18 months in Hong Kong has been undoubtably challenging. As a result of the uncertainties with the protests ...
Mayer Brown
Summary dismissal cases are usually interesting because of their facts, and even more interesting if one is upheld by the court.
Agama Law Associates
The liabilities of a principal employer under the Contract Labour Act are examples of vicarious liability on owners of establishments.
Dua Associates
The recent approval of the Code on Social Security, 2020 (CoSS) is part of the government's efforts to streamline India's labour laws by replacing multiple, and often outdated, regulations with a relatively more simplified set of rules.
Dua Associates
The Indian Parliament's recent approval of three labour codes – the Industrial Relations (IR) Code, 2020; the Code on Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions (OSHWC), 2020;
Singh & Associates
The government is all set to regularize the new Labour Codes. With rules expected to come into force shortly the organizations/employers will need to sync themselves with new rules with new...
Khaitan & Co
The Indian government's decision to consolidate 29 Central labour laws into 4 labour codes has been welcomed by several industry representatives, given that the move signalled a much-needed step towards reduced complexity ...
Khaitan & Co
Here we have presented a short summary covering the major points discussed during the roundtable.
SSEK Indonesian Legal Consultants
In April 2021, Indonesia's Ministry of Health issued Minister of Health Regulation No. 10/2021 ("MOHR 10/21") regarding vaccinations in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
SSEK Indonesian Legal Consultants
Following the enactment of Government Regulation No. 34 of 2021 regarding the Utilization of Foreign Workers (February 2, 2021) ("GR 34/2021")
lus Laboris
The New Zealand Government has announced it is proceeding with a new Fair Pay Agreement system with implementation in 2022.
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