Lifetime allowance falls to £1.25m from 6 April 2014.

With rising stock markets and the introduction of 'individual protection', higher earners approaching retirement should check the value of their pension funds.

The lifetime allowance falls to £1.25m from the beginning of the next fiscal year and investors could find they are better off drawing their benefits now, or electing to adopt the current lifetime allowance of £1.5m. However, action needs to be taken before the end of the current tax year, to avoid a 55% tax charge on pension benefits exceeding £1.25m.

Individuals affected can elect for 'individual protection' and adopt their own lifetime allowance equivalent to the value of their pension funds as at 5 April 2013, provided this falls between £1.25m and £1.5m. This will have to be balanced against the alternative of fixed protection of £1.5m, no further pension contributions and a possible fall in income.

This reduction in the lifetime allowance will affect significantly more people than previous changes. Unwanted tax charges are a distinct possibility unless action is taken in good time. Forewarned is forearmed.

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