We refer to our detailed article1 on the amendments to the Law on Stamp Duty published on our website and bring to your attention a further update on the same subject matter.

A Communiqué (No: 61 on the Law on Stamp Duty) was published in the official gazette dated 27 December 2016 and numbered 29931 increasing the ceiling for stamp duty payable on certain documents.

According to the Communiqué, as of 01 January 2017, the ceiling of the stamp duty to be levied has been increased to TRY 1,865,946.80 whereas previously, this was TRY 1,797,117.30. The ceiling on stamp duty shall apply to documents signed both in Turkey and abroad.


[1] ErsoyBilgehan Client Alert - Turkey Attempts to Rehabilitate the Economic Climate by Introducing Reforms to the Law on Stamp Duty

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