Bank of Valletta's collaboration with the NGO ROTA has led to the launch of a second educational and awareness video promoting road safety and emphasisng the numerous benefits of cycling. The first video clip focused on how commuters can share the same road and highlighted basic rules and etiquette for motorists. The second clip focuses on the benefits that the bicycle offers to the rider, not only when used for leisure but also as a means of commuting, offering a viable alternative to cars and motorbikes that we are in the habit of using.

The video clip was launched on Saturday 3rd June 2023, which is recognised as World Bicycle Day, a day showcasing the versatility and uniqueness of the bicycle, as well as its reliability and sustainability as a mode of transport. These informative video clips can be viewed on Anyone wishing to learn more about Rota and their mission may do so by visiting

Speaking about the collaboration with ROTA, Charles Azzopardi who heads the Bank's CSR team said that "with a workforce of over 2,000 employees, BOV is a small community in its own right. As such, when we take on educational initiatives such as the one launched today, we ensure that our people are able to benefit directly. Increasing awareness about the importance of active mobility and alternative means of commuting is important for the Bank's workforce as we continue to instill healthy practices, while also keeping true to our commitment towards ESG principles."

This point was corroborated by Mark Trapani, President of the NGO ROTA who explained that sometimes traveling by car and getting stuck in traffic can distort our perception of distances. For instance, a journey from Valletta to Sliema can take up to an hour by car during peak hours, creating the illusion that these two locations are miles apart. However, the reality is that it would only take 15 minutes to cycle between them. "These clips hold immense significance as they highlight road safety and emphasise the benefits of cycling on our beautiful and compact islands." He thanked Bank of Valletta for its support, saying that this collaboration allows ROTA to extend its message to a wider audience.

At Bank of Valletta, active mobility is also promoted through its Sports and Social Club, with several sporting events already held this year. Joseph Felice, sports coordinator of the club, is responsible for several cycling rides organised for BOV staff members. An avid cyclist, Joseph mentioned that "cycling is not only a way to commute but also an opportunity to get together with other cyclists. We share knowledge and experience, mostly through our passion for bikes. These two wheels provide freedom and accessibility that other means of transport do not. I encourage others to take bike rides more often and to reach out to more experienced cyclists for advice. I am positive that this will lead to a life-changing experience."

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