New and emerging technology has brought about significant challenges for product liability laws and their ability to adequately deal with the complexities of Artificial Intelligence (AI). While it is broadly accepted that the Product Liability Directive 85/374/EEC applies in principle to products incorporating AI, it falls short and the need for change is evident.

We have the unique opportunity to gain insights from a Legal and Policy Officer in the European Commission who is also member of the team in charge of the proposed new Product Liability Directive, as well as a Member of the European Parliament who is a rapporteur for the AI Liability Directive and AI Act and who has been actively involved in shaping AI legislation in Europe.

As the landscape of product liability and AI legislation is set to undergo a makeover so that it can keep up with the ever-evolving world of emerging technology, learn from legal specialists and members of the European Commission and Parliament about the changes these proposed reforms seek to bring about and how they will be significant for customers and producers or importers of products in the EU.

This session will:

" Examine the key changes that the new proposed Product Liabilty Directive will bring about
" Gain insights from a key policy maker in the European Commission regarding the incentive for change, the history and rationale behind the proposed changes, the input from industry and stakeholders to the new legislation and the future of the regulation of product liability in Europe
" Provide an in-depth analysis of the key aspects of the proposed AI Liability Directive and AI Act
" Discuss the evolution of the propopsed AI Liability Directive and AI Act with a key Member of the European Parliament, the impetus for the introduction of this legislation and gain valuable insights and opinions from a European perpective

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