Our Relocation Services to Germany are tailored to your individual needs. We care for work permits, residence permits, apartment search, schooling and more throughout Germany. To relocate in another country like Germany, to immerse oneself in a foreign culture, to become part of a new society – this can be a great challenge. Processing new impressions and experiences can consume a considerable amount of time and energy. When additional organizational and bureaucratic hurdles come along, external support can prove helpful. Our specialists at Schlun & Elseven are here as your reliable partners in all matters related to the relocation to Germany.

Establishing a branch in Germany is an effort that offers many chances, but that should not be underestimated. Our team takes care of any legal questions that may arise during the relocation process and makes sure that management and employees can focus on the essentials.

We do take into consideration your individual circumstances and work out a cost efficient, creative and straightforward solution together with our clients. Personal satisfaction is a key attribute to professional success.

Experience in German Relocation

Our law firm has long-standing experience in the field of German relocation and works closely with authorities. Over time we have established useful contacts during this period of cooperation. For our lawyers, dealing with authorities and overcoming bureaucratic difficulties is a simple matter of routine, allowing you to receive all residence permits and other official documents as fast as possible. We also regularly negotiate with private individuals and companies, making sure to find common ground while still securing you the best deal.

Getting started in Germany

Before getting started in a new country, several documents will have to be acquired. We will gladly take care of the application process from the very beginning and ensure its successful completion. Among the information and documents, we frequently obtain for our clients, are the following:

  • Registration at the local authorities
  • Residence permits and short-term permits related to immigration
  • EU Blue Card
  • ICT Card
  • Family Visa
  • Work permits and confirmation letters for/from employer
  • Tax IDs
  • German and foreign police records
  • Visas for foreign countries, tracking of visa applications
  • Translation and authentication of official documents / copies
  • Documents for opening a bank account

Relocation to Germany: Building a Life

The organizational effort that comes with a relocation to Germany involves of course much more than the initial application for papers. Since almost every aspect of life is affected by a decision to relocate, all aspects require efficient restructuring, for which knowledge of the location, the market and the legal system is required. We offer you help in the following fields:


  • Guidance in choosing the right area or city: information on the rental market, cultural offerings, sports and shopping facilities, private schools and kindergartens
  • Home search: viewing appointments, lease negotiation, legal review and translation of the rental agreement, coordination of payments of deposit and hand-over of keys
  • Moving in: connection to utilities, application for internet/telephone access, registration for mandatory licence fees for Radio, TV and new media (GEZ)
  • Car registration, driver's license, first aid course and eye test
  • Insurances: health, household, liability


  • Information about the German educational system
  • Application for kindergarten, schools and universities
  • Child benefits and other social benefits
  • Dog registration

Making Connections / Integrating

  • Organization of language courses
  • Support in organizing babysitters, cleaners, gardeners, etc.
  • Information on foreign-language doctors, dentists, tax counsels, etc.


  • Extension of residence / work permits
  • Drafting of pensions plans
  • Application for German Citizenship

Departure from Germany

If you plan on leaving Germany, we can offer you valuable support in the following areas:

  • Leaving your home: termination of the lease, hand-over of keys to the landlord, organization of mail forwarding services, cancellation of utility contracts, telephone/internet contracts, GEZ
  • Relocating the family: termination of employment contract, deregistration from school / kindergarten / university, cancellation of child benefits
  • Leaving the country: car-deregistration, deregistration of residency

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.