On 18 April 2023, the European Commission published a proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down measures to strengthen solidarity and capacities in the Union to detect, prepare for and respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents (available here). The act is aimed at supporting detection and awareness of cybersecurity threats and incidents, bolstering preparedness of critical entities, as well as reinforcing solidarity, concerted crisis management and response capabilities across Member States. The European Commission plans to achieve the above through: (i) the deployment of a pan-European infrastructure of SOCs (European Cyber Shield) to build and enhance common detection and situational awareness capabilities; (ii) the creation of a Cyber Emergency Mechanism to support Member States in preparing for, responding to and immediately recovering from significant and large-scale cybersecurity incidents; (iii) support for incident response to European institutions, bodies, offices and agencies of the Union; and (iv) the establishment of a European Cybersecurity Incident Review Mechanism to review and assess certain significant or large-scale incidents. The European Parliament and the Council will now examine the proposed Regulation on the EU Cyber Solidarity Act.

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