What makes the Isle of Man so special a place to work? Low tax, quality services and space to expand? Well, yes, of course. But it's the immeasurable quality of life to be enjoyed here that is often the deciding factor when businesses weigh up all the advantages of operating on the Island.

The importance of preserving our family friendly and sociable way of living is highlighted in the Government's new five-year plan of policy priorities. It identifies the overall aim to 'protect and promote the well being of the family and provide for the economic and social inclusion of all in our community.'

In his introduction, Tony Brown, Chief Minister – and father of two – declares: 'What makes the Isle of Man special as a place in which to live and work is its combination of economic success with a strong sense of community.

Succeeding in a global market

'Growth in the economy has brought better job opportunities, higher standard of living and enhanced public services. To maintain and build on this prosperity we must ensure that our businesses can continue to succeed in increasingly competitive global markets.

'And it is important that the benefits of a buoyant economy are shared and felt across society. We should fully recognise the role and responsibilities of families – of all different structures – as vital support networks within our communities.

'As any government, we are unable to do everything. Inevitably, we will be faced with making difficult decisions, but I consider it vitally important that we agree our policy priorities in advance to build soundly on what we have achieved over the past 20 years.'

Mr Brown goes on to pledge 'positive leadership' and 'cohesive government' that will take the Island forward with confidence. 'I will robustly promote and defend our position as an independent nation,' he added.

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