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Stonegate Legal
Explanation of copyright & the case law around licensing & the use of building plans.
Bartier Perry
Register your .au equivalent domain name now or risk it going to someone else.
Spruson & Ferguson
Combs are well defined in the International Patent Classification (IPC), and fall into class A45D24.
Oyen Wiggs Green & Mutala LLP
After waiting 40 years, Gibson Brand Inc. has enforced its guitar-shape trademark against fellow manufacturer Dean Guitars. As of 28 July 2022, a permanent injunction bars Armadillo...
Oyen Wiggs Green & Mutala LLP
Montenegro is set to become the newest member state of the European Patent Organization (EPO) in October 2022.
Gowling WLG
In technical terms, a trade secret is a form of intellectual property pertaining to information that is commercially valuable. Why? Well, by virtue of the fact that it's secret.
Gowling WLG
Every once in a while a topic related to intellectual property ("IP") captures the attention of the mainstream media. Around a decade ago, the popular press got wind of the...
MLT Aikins LLP
Generally speaking, the federal Copyright Act provides protection to authors that is limited to the author's lifetime plus an additional 50 years following the author's death.
Bereskin & Parr LLP
This is the third article of a four-part IP Metaverse series exploring IP protections for Metaverse-related technology and consumer-facing brands (see our second published article...
AnJie Law Firm
2022년 8월 1일, 중국 후베이성 지식산권국은 ‘지식재산 인재 건설 실행 계획(2022-2025년)'을 발표함
Experiments, tests and their results are very important aspects in the process of research and development, and are also important aspects in patents that protect the achievements...
CCPIT Patent & Trademark Law Office
European Union
Kilburn & Strode
We're taking you on a journey through the history of software patents in Europe, through the lens of pop culture. By zooming out and looking at the big picture of what the EPO has taught us over the years...
Novagraaf Group
Le 17 juin 2022, l'OEB a publié les résultats de son évaluation factuelle et quantitative de l'impact économique potentiel de l'introduction d'un délai de grâce dans le système européen.
Novagraaf Group
L'OEB a publié, dans un communiqué, une liste révisée des États dont les ressortissants bénéficient d'une réduction des taxes afférentes à la recherche internationale et à l'examen préliminaire...
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