In the oil and gas industry, sometimes the focus is more on the technical skill set than the interpersonal skills – also known as soft skills. Rigzone's Valerie Jones has some insight on the need for these skills in the oil and gas industry in a new article, with an accompanying video. These are the soft skills employers are looking for in their employees:

Leadership Jones says, "This may be the most critical soft skill for the future success of oil and gas companies." When companies see employees with leadership qualities, they are often willing to invest in training and development of that skill set.

Critical thinking and problem solving The need for greater efficiency creates a higher demand for problem solvers. Quoting an oil and gas CEO, Jones says, "Companies need problem solvers, not just problem identifiers."

Teamwork and collaboration In this particular area, says Jones, Millennials are at a strong advantage. In general, Millennials see the benefit of collaborating and they feel comfortable doing it. As companies merge and different groups need to work seamlessly with one another, teamwork will be essential.

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