Financial Markets and Funds Partner Neil Robson spoke with Compliance Week on how AI could be a useful tool for analyzing a company's data for its ESG reporting and disclosures. This has spurred discussions as to whether artificial intelligence (AI) is a viable solution for companies needing to analyze and present data in a way that is compliant with mandatory and voluntary reporting standards. Neil stated, "If AI can be used as a tool to gather critical reporting data in real-time, identifying anomalies in the data through pattern detection and flagging findings or hiccups that need to be reviewed and audited, this could be a great time - and effort-saving measure for firms' compliance teams. It won't remove the need for sensible, thoughtful, human analytical overlay, but it should help those ESG compliance professionals in their analytics and reporting processes."

"Jury out on viability of AI in ESG reporting,"Compliance Week, February 5, 2024

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