Saudi Arabia: Recent developments in trademark registration rules for surnames12

Pursuant to their statutory authority and in accordance with the provisions specified in paragraph (2) of Article 5 of the regulations of the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property, as initially outlined in Council of Ministers decision No. (496) dated 14/9/1439 and subsequently amended by Council of Ministers' decision No. (621) dated 20/10/1442, the Board of Directors of the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property issues the update. In response to the resolution adopted during the Board of Directors meeting No. (02/12/1442) on 11/1/1442, which pertains to the registration of surnames as trademarks, and after careful consideration of the recommendation put forth by the executive committee during the Board of Directors meeting No. (03/03/2023) on 9/11/1444, as well as a thorough review of the proceedings from the Board of Directors meeting No. (26/2023) on 26/11/1444, and in pursuit of the broader public interest, the following amendments have been decided upon:

Revisions to guidelines and conditions for registering surnames as Trademarks:

  • The surname intended for trademark registration must align with an existing entry in a commercial register.
  • Trademark registration will only be approved for products and/or services connected to the applicant's recognized reputation.
  • In the event that the surname carries recognition in another country, the applicant must provide the registration certificate from that particular nation.
  • This decision excludes the registration of names linked to extensive tribes and clans.
  • These updated regulations and criteria are equally applicable to trademark transfer applications involving family names.


1. (2023.8.19)


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