A Temporary Work Permit (TWP) approval is required for a skilled foreigner to perform employment duties in Nigeria on a temporary basis. Such foreigners must be sponsored by a company registered in Nigeria.

Formerly, the application had to be physically submitted and processed at the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Headquarters, Abuja. If successful, an approval (TWP cable) would be issued by the Comptroller General of Immigration to the sponsoring company for its expatriate to utilise while applying for the TWP visa.


The Comptroller General of Immigration, Muhammad Babandede, announced the introduction of an email based process for the issuance of TWP via a press release on 5 June 2020.

The effective date for the email processing is Monday 8 June, 2020 via the email address

The application is e-based and free. Companies are required to use their official email addresses when submitting applications using the new process.

Concerned parties are advised to check the NIS website for further information on the process and applicable documents needed.


While the new development comes amidst the easing of COVID-19 lockdown, it is clear that using technology to replace some manual processes is not only desirable but inevitable. This will improve overall efficiency and ease of doing business.

It is expected that the email system will ease the TWP application process significantly and reduce the turnaround time for approvals, as seen with the automation of the Visa on Arrival application process.

Originally published 01 July, 2020

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