This is a visa available to expatriates employed by individuals, corporate bodies or government in Nigeria. It allows passage into Nigeria with the obligation to regularize the visa once in county. Once regularized, the expatriate will be issued his CERPAC (Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card)/Green Card.

STR Application Process and documents required:

  1. An online visa application form must be completed. Most Nigerian diplomatic posts will require the applicant to submit the application online on . The visa application category is STR visa. Once the applicant completes the visa application form, please print 4 copies of the visa application form to be attached to the application;
  2. Make online payment via and print 4 copies of payment and acknowledgement slips (Visa fees are dependent on the nationality of the applicant);
  3. Book an appointment with the Nigerian Embassy in the country the applicant is applying from if needed);
  4. The following documents should be taken along for the appointment/interview:
    1. Applicant's international passport (with at least 6 months validity);
    2. 4 colored passport sized photographs;
    3. 4 copies of the application letter applying for an STR visa from the company(employer);
    4. 4 copies of Flight itinerary to Nigeria;
    5. 4 copies of the expatriate's international passport bio-data page;
    6. 4 copies of duly completed form IMM22
    7. 4 copies of certificate of Incorporation of the company;
    8. 4 copies of the certified copy of the Expatriate Quota of the company;
    9. 4 copies of the certified copy of the Business Permit of the company; (where necessary)
    10. 4 copies of the employee's letter of employment;
    11. 4 copies of the letter of acceptance of employment by employee;
    12. 4 copies of the resume of employee;
    13. 4 copies of the translated university/professional qualification; and
    14. 4 copies of the Yellow Card Vaccination Card.

The applicant will be informed when the visa is ready; this usually takes 2-3 weeks. The applicant can then come into the country with the visa and the STR Package he will receive from the Embassy.

STR Regularization process

Documents required to be submitted in the Nigerian Immigration Service office:

  1. Application letter from the employer requesting Regularization of stay and accepting Immigration Responsibility (IR) on behalf of the expatriate;
  2. International Passport of the applicant;
  3. 2 recent passport photographs of the applicant;
  4. Evidence of purchase of CERPAC form;
  5. STR package (unopened).

Government fee is 2000USD exclusive of bank charges and the Green Card is valid for one year.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.