A recent digital debate, organised by Ship Management International, brought together shipping lawyers from different European jurisdictions to discuss the challenges that the shipping industry faced during the course of the pandemic.

Matthew Attard, shipping lawyer at Ganado Advocates, was joined by Klaus Dimigen (Ehlermann Rindfleisch Gadow, Germany), Rona Kaspi (AKT Law Firm, Turkey) and Enrico Vergani (BonelliErede, Italy) who discussed the ripple effects of Covid felt across the world-wide shipping community, resulting in rising costs, overstretched global supply chains and congested ports.

Matthew spoke about the Maltese experience, particularly on how the Maltese administration adapted its processes to serve the community better throughout the pandemic, the challenges faced by seafarers, as well as the issues faced by the industry when it comes to attracting people to the shipping world. He also spoke about the outlook of the industry in terms of digitalisation and the use of digital platforms versus physical methods, as well as the need to strengthen institutions such as the IMO in order to create a uniform approach to shipping world-wide.

Watch the full debate on-demand here.

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