We are the private wealth arm of the Fiduciary Group; a boutique financial advisory and consulting practice offering tax led bespoke wealth management solutions, portfolio management and cross border financial planning services to private clients and businesses throughout the Iberian Peninsula and the UK. Our business is to help clients build, protect and eventually pass on that wealth to secure the futures of those that depend on them. Fiduciary Wealth is regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission with authorised branches in Spain and Portugal as well as an FSA authorised branch in Central London.

2012 was a very challenging year for the global economy which faced a number of seemingly insurmountable challenges. However the economy proved much more resilient and better placed to withstand any unexpected economic and financial shocks than at any time during the crisis. This year we expect a more favourable economic climate although the debt reduction measures will start biting again in the second half of the year which places a lid on growth.

The outlook for expatriates however is less rosy, most advanced economies are saddled with debt and tax authorities, Governments and international institutions are looking to extend the tax net with foreign expats often seen as a soft political target. The Spanish tax authorities have introduced a new tax law to prevent and combat tax fraud that is aimed at residents with undeclared assets outside of Spain worth €50,000 or more. It is a draconian piece of legislation and if the tax defrauded exceeds €120,000 it is deemed a criminal offence.

We are heading towards a new global standard in international tax co-operation where automatic exchange of information becomes the norm. The good news is that you are still in time to structure your savings, investments and retirement plans in a perfectly legitimate way to minimize your taxes and we can assist you going forward with our tax led wealth management solutions.

When it comes to financial planning finding the right product solution is only part of the equation. After all there is little point in having a really tax efficient investment if the returns are so poor there is no tax to pay. In a sideways moving market you can easily be caught out. Active asset management is crucial. Fiduciary Wealth provides dynamic asset allocation strategies involving regular re-balancing of asset class exposure in response to changing market conditions to try and minimise inherent portfolio risks and capture returns.

As you travel through life your financial circumstances are likely to change and the emphasis will shift from wealth creation to wealth protection; as an expatriate retiree you may also have to contend with the issues of residence and domicile and where you derive your income or wealth as this may cause cross border conflict. Fiduciary Wealth are able to offer you a genuine cross border service which guarantees a seamless transition between your financial services needs in the UK and those in the Iberian Peninsula.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.