The most famous statements among the classic investors are the shares bought in a Public company and its developments. The trend has been followed among the cryptocurrency and blockchain related companies offering an initial coin which is similar to a share bought in a public company. UAE to finalize regulations related to Coin offerings in the mid-2019. It has been a great improvement in the region as Dubai International Financial Center has already released regulations related to Crypto Currency in the mid last year.

Crowdfunding is more commonly used among the crypto and Block Chain startups around the world. Securities and Commodities Authority will issue regulations with the aim to support the startups to raise their investments. The SCA also will work along with Abu Dhabi Securities exchange to provide a trading platform for the ICO's next year. On the other hand, the cryptocurrencies are in a very volatile situation with the market situations around the world. However, according to the officials, the fundamental platform will be for all ICO companies to trade and exchange rather than just targeting few cryptocurrencies or Block Chain companies.

The authorities have also considering the demand for the business. They have already requested many times for the insurance of the crypto assets and tokens. There are many leading startups around the world already filling the opportunities in the leading markets like USA, UK, and many other countries with domination. On the other hand, leading corporates like Microsoft and Intel have already invested and participated in the Block Chain projects. A newly opened market for crowdfunding would encourage many starting companies and also would provide the UAE crypto interested investors with an opportunity to get into one of the leading technologies at present. Upon the involvement, regulations, and approvals from the SCA, there will be a rise in the crypto market in the UAE. 

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