he University of Cyprus, the Registry for .CY domain names, recently introduced a new online system for the registration and management of Cypriot domain names. At the same time the Registry also announced that it had liberalised its registration rules.

Previously, the registrant of a .COM.CY domain name needed to be a permanent citizen of Cyprus or a business registered in Cyprus. This local Cypriot presence is no longer required and the extension is thus now open to everyone.

The Registry has also announced that, in conjunction with the release of the new .CY online system, domain name registrations directly under the top level .CY domain extension are now available.

However, unlike other similar top level releases, there are no priority release phases where, for example, trade mark holders have the opportunity to apply for a .CY domain name before registrations are open for general registration. Rather, registrations under the top level .CY domain extension are open to everyone on a first come, first served basis.

Authored by Anchovy News Team

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