Employer 8.3
Employee 8.3

The maximum level of income on which social insurance contributions are paid on is as follows:

Weekly employees (weekly income) 1.055
Monthly employees (annual income) 57.408

The rate of 8.3% is expected to apply up to 31 December 2023 and thereafter it will be increased to 8,8%.

The contributions of self-employed persons are 15,6% of income, according to certain specified limits, depending on their profession and their length of service.

Other employer's contributions

The employer makes the following other contributions based on employee's emoluments (which, except for the contribution to the social cohesion fund, are restricted to the maximum amount of €57.408 as stated above):

Social Cohesion Fund 2
Redundancy Fund 1.2
Industrial Training Fund 0.5
Holiday Fund (if is not exempt) 8

National Health System

As from 1 March 2019 obligatory contributions relating to the implementation of the new National Health System (NHS) are introduced as per the below table:

Category Applied on following income Rates %
Employees Personal Emoluments 2.65%
Employers Employees Emoluments 2.90%
Self-Employed persons Own Income 4%
Pensioners Pension 2.65%
Persons earning other income Rental income, interest income, dividend income etc 2.65%

NHS contributions are capped to a total annual income of €180.000

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