King & Capital attorneys and partners Catherine Guo and Jin Yi participated in the biennial 2018 North Asia Regional Conference, one of the most significant global arbitration conferences held once every two years. As invited guests of the International Chamber of Commerce Young Arbitrator Forum (ICC YAF), attorneys Catherine and Jin lead the firm's best practices in international dispute resolution, and both hold key leadership positions in arbitration organizations in China

The conference was held on June 30, 2018 in Beijing, China. More than 250 delegates from China, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, the Philippines and other countries attended the conference. Key leaders of the international arbitration community who attended included Yu Jianlong, Secretary General of ICC China, Alexander G. Fessas, Secretary-General of the ICC International Court of Arbitration, Yang Liangyi, Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Arbitration Organization, Fan Mingchao, Director of ICC Arbitration in North Asia, and Yu Min, Deputy Director of the Secretariat of ICC China.

The conference addressed the ICC's arbitral procedure and brought leading international arbitration and alternative dispute resolution experts to discuss significant current issues. The conference brought together a number of leaders of the international arbitration community, lending their expertise.

King & Capital Law Firm supports events such as the 2018 North Asia Regional Conference as leading international arbitration and alternative dispute resolution practitioners and experts share their best practices, discuss topical issues and share their global network of professionals.

About our Attorneys Catherine Guo Qing and Jin YiCatherine Guo is a senior partner of King & Capital. Catherine also serves as the Executive Director of the China Society of Arbitration Law Studies.

Jin Yi, a firm partner, is also a member of the Competition Commission of ICC China, ICC Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission.

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