On August 11, 2014, the Ministry of Justice published Ordinance No. 1,351, dated August 8, 2014, later amended by Ordinance No. 1,371 of August 18, 2014 and Ordinance No. 1,507 of August 28, 2014, simplifying the procedures for: (1) a request for permanent residency in Brazil for a family reunion based on Brazilian children, marriage to a Brazilian citizen, or a common-law partnership; (2) a change of temporary residency based on the Mercosul Agreement to permanent residency; as well as, the issuance of an identification card by the Federal Police Department.

This new Ordinance guarantees foreigners the right to permanent residency and the issuance of the Identification Card for Foreigners, provided that all the required documents are submitted with the application. These rules are also valid for the permanent visa process for applications already filed and currently under analysis by the Ministry of Justice.

The new rules introduced by the Ordinances entered into force on September 1, 2014.

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