In January 2015, the São Paulo State Government approved Law No. 15,684/2015, which provides for the ECP for rural properties, based on the Forestry Code.

The ECP aims to promote environmental compliance through three instruments:

  • Rural Environmental Registration - RER;
  • Compliance Agreements; and
  • Projects for Recovery of Damaged Areas.

The RER will be an instrument of the State Environmental Policy. The RER of the property or rural possession shall be preferably made on the municipal or state environmental agency.

The Compliance Agreement, on the other hand, intends to assists rural property or possessions to meet environmental provisions of the Forest Code.

The Recovery of Damaged Areas shall be started after the approval and execution of the Compliance Agreement and must be completed within 20 (twenty) years.

Please note that the ERP must be implemented within one (1) year counted as of the date of publication of the Law.

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