nmental bodies of the State of Paraná (Brazil), by means of the incorporation of the environmental institutes into the new Water and Land Institute. The incorporated institutes are Environmental Institute of Paraná (IAP), Land, Cartography, and Geology Institute (TCG), and Water Institute of Paraná (ÁGUASPARANÁ).

Following the change, it is expected that the activities of the new institute be faster, in a way that it may enable the reduction of offices and costs. In the previous model, the 3 bodies incorporated counted with 19 executive offices total; but the Water and Land Institute shall have only 5: Licensing and Granting Office, Natural Heritage Management Office, Environmental Sanitation and Water Resources Office, Territorial Management Office, and Financial and Administrative Office.

KLA´s environmental law team contacted the incorporated institutes, who informed that there are no reasons for the newly created institute to result in slowness of the proceedings and inspections in progress. Also, it has been clarified that, once concluded the transition of all the institutes, the holders of the ongoing proceeding in these bodies shall be communicated about any matter that are relevant about the reform.

The law that created the Water and Land Institute must be regulated by a decree from the executive branch of Paraná State in 90 days and shall operate in the 21 offices of IAP that are spread over the State.

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