Olisa Agbakoba Legal (OAL) has taken a significant step towards advancing the space sector and knowledge in Nigeria with the launch of a new book titled "OAL Compendium of Space Treaties, Policies, Laws and Regulations in Nigeria."

The Olisa Agbakoba Legal (OAL) Compendium of Space Treaties, Policies, Laws, and Regulations is a simplified but comprehensive single reference material that brings together all major international treaties and domestic legislation that affect the Nigerian space industry.


One of the smart features of this book is the short summary provided before each treaty, policy, law, and regulation. This will enable the reader to grab the gist of the entire book in just 15 minutes. It is published in large print and skillfully arranged to make an easy read and professional reference material as well for students, legal practitioners, professionals, investors, intending investors, and all.

This compendium is a timely response to the growing demand from scholars and space enthusiasts alike for a single source that consolidates all the major international treaties and domestic laws pertaining to Nigeria's role as a key player in the space industry in Africa and as a developing global force in the space sector.


The book includes important treaties such as the Moon Agreement and the Liability Convention, as well as domestic laws like the NASRDA Act and the 2015 NASRDA Regulation.