In this month's newsletter, we are thrilled to feature Logical Buildings, a leading provider of smart building software, services, and systems integrators. Logical Buildings' products enable multifamily, commercial, industrial, and manufacturing properties to minimize operating expenses, expand wireless connectivity, and generate revenue from existing mechanical equipment. The company's state-of-the-art tools, including SmartKit AI" and EPAX", use AI and cloud-based technologies that empower property owners to reduce costs, reward efficient energy usage, and manage commodity risk exposure.

Logical Buildings' recent expansion of its GridRewards" program affirms its innovative approach to fostering sustainability. GridRewards" is an easy-to-use mobile platform that pays users if they reduce their usage for short periods of time during peak demand hours. After being notified by the GridRewards" app, users perform simple actions, such as raising cooling setpoints during hot summer days, dimming lights, and unplugging high-usage appliances, which can earn them a check in the mail and savings on their energy bill of up to 20 percent. Moreover, such actions diminish the effects of high-polluting "peaker" powerplants, which are activated when power grids reach maximum capacity.

After the success of its pilot program in 2020, GridRewards" will expand its imprint throughout Westchester County in 2021. Working in partnership with Sustainable Westchester and Con Edison, one of the largest utility providers in the United States, the GridRewards" app will leverage existing networks of smart utility meters to reach thousands of Westchester residents.

David Klatt, Logical Buildings' Vice President of Operations, stated of the project, "We are excited to be working with Sustainable Westchester to better educate and inform energy consumers on the tangible, money-earning benefits of GridRewards" and help reduce their carbon footprint. The timing is especially pertinent when so many families are using more energy as they work from home. This is an important way of making sure more people can share in the benefits of smart energy usage and actively contribute to environmental justice."

In recognition of its groundbreaking technology, GridRewards" was recently awarded the prestigious Mark of Excellence Award as the "2021 Energy Efficiency Product of the Year" by the Consumer Technology Association at CES. By delivering significant cost savings to its clients and users across sectors, Logical Buildings is working to incentivize long-term sustainable behavior and ensuring a greener future for all.

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