Welcome to the California Consumer Chemicals Law Blog! We are excited to provide this resource to focus on educating and helping those contending with the mushrooming chemical regulation of consumer products, both here in California and across the country. (Hello, PFAS.)

Although there are other articles out there addressing these issues, we think this blog offers something unique. Why? Because our experience is unique. Notably:

  1. Our team has more than 100 years of combined experience with Prop 65 and environmental and chemical regulation at both the state and federal level. In fact, one of our partners was there when Prop 65 was enacted and helped shape the defense strategies and regulations we all use today.
  2. Prop 65 trials are rare and we've been in several, including obtaining the biggest award of costs against a losing enforcer. We know our way around a courtroom and aren't afraid to try a case when it is in the client's best interest.
  3. We litigate cases and represent clients large and small, retailer or manufacturer, foreign or domestic, and in diverse industries, from food to industrial, supplements to furniture, and personal care products to water discharge claims, to name just a few.

These attributes make our group uniquely positioned to give a real-world spin on what chemical regulations mean to a business and how the company can best comply. We also understand the pressure in-house counsel are under to get a case resolved and control spending. So, how do we put this experience to use in blogging? We are here to answer the hard questions companies have when faced with compliance issues:

  • How does this affect a company's operations?
  • Why is defending these cases so expensive?
  • Why should one have to pay when it has done nothing wrong and has a safe product?

This blog will help those frustrated with the chemical laws they are being bombarded with, and the PFAS regulations making it even worse. We get directly to the point on what a law means for a business, and predictions of what will happen in the future. We also offer best practices in handling these cases, and a look at the many strategic things that can and should be done. Our goal is to put our experience to use to provide insights and ideas to help those contending with these issues.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.