In accordance with the protocol signed between the Middle East Technical University ("METU") and the Information Technologies and Communications Authority ("ITCA") on 21 December 2018, all authorizations regarding the management and allocation of ".tr" domain names have been transferred from to ITCA. recently informed users that the transfer of management of ".tr" domain names to ITCA is expected to be completed by January 2022. Once the transfer is completed, the platform will be shut down completely and the ".tr" Network Information System ("TRABIS") will become operational shortly after. The activation of TRABIS will bring about radical changes to several procedures, such as the allocation, transfer and renewal of ".tr" domain names. You can read our legal alert on's aforementioned announcement here.

Recent development

The competence to act as the ".tr" Registration Authority was transferred from to ITCA, pursuant to the protocol signed between ITCA and METU in December 2018. As a consequence of the transfer, will be shut down very soon and TRABIS will commence operating. Once the TRABIS period begins, there will be significant alterations in numerous procedures regarding the outgrowth of domain names, from allocation to transfer, and from renewal to deletion of domain names. Basic information concerning these alterations and updates was shared via METUnic to enable users to follow the process effectively. You can find the content that schematizes the life cycle of a domain name in the TRABIS period here.

What kinds of updates will the launch of TRABIS bring about regarding the life cycle of domain names?

  • According to the "TRABIS Domain Name Life Cycle" diagram published on METUnic, individuals who intend to allocate a domain name available for use on their behalf should file an application. Upon the acceptance of the application, the domain name will be activated. 
  • Once an active domain name expires, the domain is inactivated. If the required payment is made within two months, the domain name becomes active again and becomes accessible. In case the required payment is not made within two months after the domain name is inactivated, the domain name will be deleted. 
  • Thereafter, the domain name is announced for reallocation one month after the deletion of the domain name, and thus, the domain name becomes available for use and is opened to third parties' new applications. 
  • When the domain name transfer is initiated for an active domain name, the domain name remains active provided that sixty days have not passed since the domain name was allocated. The domain name that remains active will be included in the life cycle of domain names from this stage. That is, the domain name will be inactivated when it expires, deleted in case no payment is made within two months, and re-announced for allocation at the end of the following month. The transition of the domain name to the new registrar is completed provided that sixty days have passed since the domain name subject to domain name transfer was allocated. 
  • Internet domain name owners may waive a domain name in case they intend to terminate the usage before the domain name expires. In such a case, the internet domain name owner has the opportunity to renounce the waiver within two months, and subsequent to using this opportunity, the domain name will remain active and will be included in the life cycle of the domain names from this stage. If the internet domain name owner willing to waive the domain name does not renounce within two months, the waiver process will be completed, and thus, the internet domain name owner waives all rights arising from the domain name. As a result, the domain name in question becomes available for reallocation and is included in the life cycle of domain names from this stage. 


Following the completion of the transfer of management of ".tr" domain names to ITCA, will be completely inoperative and TRABIS will be activated. The activation of TRABIS will lead to substantial changes in procedures to be followed regarding several transactions related to ".tr" domain names. In order for the transition process to be followed correctly and to prevent any loss of rights, it is of great importance that the domain name holders carefully follow the announcements that will make through its website, social media accounts and emails.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.