A new Trademarks Act has been passed by the Indian Parliament and is expected to come into force within the next 6 months.

The new law provides for service mark protection. The procedure for securing such protection is essentially the same as that for trademarks. The scope of protection available is in accordance with the classification of the Nice Agreement of 1957, as amended in 1979.


The decree which amended Italian Trademark Law by introducing several major changes, is reviewed briefly as follows:

1.Introduction of opposition proceedings.

2.Introduction of the relative nullity action.

3.Elimination of differences in treatment between applicants for national trademarks and applicants for international trademarks designating Italy.


The PCT Union Assembly has decided to reduce the amount of the designation fee from 150 to 140 Swiss Francs as well as reduce the maximum number of designation fees payable from 10 to 8. All reductions entered into effect as from January 1, 2000 and apply to international applications received on or after that date.

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