Head of Healthcare for KPMG Africa, Anuschka Coovadia's role has been to support the emergence of healthcare organisations who have lived the experience of being "disruptors" and "transforming" the healthcare sector, quietly – quickly – and without remorse!

In January Anuschka I had the opportunity to attend the WEF in Davos, Switzerland.

In conversation-after–conversation, two words frequently came up with regard to the future of the healthcare sector: "disruptors" and "transformation". Disruptors are clearly impacting many healthcare businesses, and many companies are looking for help to enable them to strategically and effectively address these issues.

In this thought leadership on "Curing the Ails of Investing in Healthcare in Africa" we discuss both the challenges and solutions of driving reformation of the sector, with real-life examples of organisations who are demonstrating "What Good Looks Like".

This will add a fresh perspective to the conversations being held all around the Continent on how we move forward to achieving the goals of the post 2015 Development Agenda and look forward to your views on how we can disrupt/transform our healthcare economies to build sustainable, patient-centric systems.

Through the depth and diversity of our work in healthcare in Africa, KPMG has identified "Examples of Excellence," organisations which have been remarkably successful and impactful.

These shining examples of "What is Possible" are private sector organisations which have managed to incubate transformative concepts in healthcare.

These concepts can be cultivated and produced at scale, at a regional level, in order to ensure that by 2030 Africa reaches the goals set out by the SDGs in 2015 - and this time, our economic growth is inclusive, sustainable and actually translates into better, healthier lives for all our people.

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