• what is the platform economy?
  • a tale of 2 business models
  • can traditional businesses embrace platforms?
  • strategies to enter the platform economy
  • key legal issues
    • digitisation
    • digital marketing
    • employment
    • M&A and JV
    • tax and structuring
    • technology contracting and IP
    • competition
    • data privacy
    • regulatory
    • consumer protection

the platform economy

  • "In a product business model, firms create value by developing differentiated products for specific customer needs, and they capture value by charging money for those items. In a platform business model, firms create value primarily by connecting users and third parties, and they capture value by charging fees for access to the platform. Platform models bring a shift in emphasis—from meeting specific customer needs to encouraging mass-market adoption in order to maximize the number of interactions, or from product-related sources of competitive advantage (such as product differentiation) to network-related sources of competitive advantage (the network effects of connecting many users and third parties)."

- Harvard Business Review


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