On 2 December 2019 ICASA published a Discussion Document on Mobile Broadband Services Inquiry for public comment.  On 16 November 2018, ICASA published a notice of the intention to conduct an inquiry into mobile broadband services.  The purpose of the inquiry is to assess the state of competition and determine whether or not there are markets or market segments within the mobile broadband services value chain which may warrant regulation in the context of a market review in terms of the Electronic Communications Act, 2005.
The discussion document, which is informed by information and data received from licensees, sets out the ICASA’s preliminary views on the definition of relevant mobile broadband services markets and the effectiveness of competition within these relevant markets.  The discussion document further identifies licensees that may have significant market power in the identified markets; and proposes pro-competitive remedies.  The discussion document is accessible on the ICASA website or here.

Interested stakeholders have 45 working days from the date of publication (7 February 2020) to provide comments and input on ICASA’s preliminary findings.  The discussion document and the comments received will be used by ICASA to publish its draft regulations.

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