With a team led by our Tony Pointon, Pointon Partners are very pleased to have assisted Australian Bio Fert Pty Ltd in a JV with Incitec Pivot Fertiliser Ltd in respect of the creation and delivery of a new category of sustainable fertiliser.

Mark Frecheville of ABF:

"Incitec Pivot Fertilisers (IPF) has today announced it will invest $38 million in acquiring a majority stake in Australian Bio Fert Pty Ltd (ABF) and building Australia's first large-scale plant to develop and deliver a new category of sustainable fertilisers for Australian farmers.

The novel granular biofertilisers will combine torrefied organic waste materials with carbon and fertiliser products to create a more sustainable fertiliser that improves soil health.

The joint venture with IPF marks an exciting milestone for the ABF team and reflects the company's efforts over the last six years, and especially the last three working with IPF. Pointon Partners has been part of the journey and I want to thank you for your ongoing support."

The media release from IPF is attached.

About Incitec Pivot Fertilisers

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers (IPF) is a key supplier of quality fertilisers, plant nutrition and soil health solutions, helping Australian farmers maximise productivity for their crops and achieve sustainable plant nutrition outcomes for their soils and farms. The IPF team works closely with a network of local dealers, agronomists and advisors across the East Coast of Australia to support growers all year around. The NATA-accredited Nutrient Advantage Laboratory works together with agronomists and advisors to provide soil and plant analysis and decision support tools to drive efficient plant nutrition and to maximise soil potential. www.incitecpivotfertilisers.com.au