Typo by UK Companies House causes a 124 year old business to collapse

The English High Court has found that the UK Companies House (equivalent to our Companies Office) is liable at common law for a clerical error which caused a company's insolvency. In this case, the Companies House wrongly listed Cardiff engineering firm Taylor & Sons Ltd as being in liquidation. The mistake was caused by a Companies House clerk who, against correct internal procedures, registered a winding up order without having the company registration number as a reference. Once on the website, the incorrect information was on-sold to credit reference agencies.

The Companies House amended the error on its website but found that it had no mechanism to recall the information that had been on-sold.

The case is a timely reminder to all businesses to check it carefully the accuracy of information before uploading to the internet where it can be viewed by the world.

Link: Sebry v Companies House and the Registrar of Companies

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