Currently, Edict No. 72 establishes the closed list of goods (works, services), prices (tariffs) for which are regulated by the government. For example, some types of products, alcoholic beverages (strength over 28%), some types of medicines.

When price is formed for such groups of goods, various bonuses are used from legislation, the amount of which may be determined either in the legislation or by calculation.

Instruction No. 55 establishes, for example, how the selling prices for goods, planned costs, retail prices, rounding of selling prices (tariffs) for goods (works, services) are determined.

Sale prices (tariffs) set by manufacturers may be confirmed by economic calculations (planned costing with the explanation of cost items: material, labor, invoices, and others). Selling prices set by importers may be supported by economic calculations. Economic calculations to substantiate the level of applied wholesale and trade markups are not compiled.

Economic calculations and other documents justifying the level of prices (tariffs) are approved by the head (another authorized person) of a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur and are stored on paper and (or) in electronic form, including tangible media.

The Instruction does not apply to delivery under foreign trade contracts.

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