Advanced Analytics, which includes Predictive Techniques, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, is leading the next wave of disruption. Using Analytics has become a strategic imperative, leading to a fundamental change in how a business is run. Businesses are capturing an increasing amount of data that can be analyzed using the massive computational power available today. Effective use of this data and analytics can lead to profitability enhancement, revenue growth, and in some cases, the creation of new business models altogether.

In this post-COVID economy, organizations are aware of the impact data and analytics can make in all facets of business. With the increasing pace of digitization, ever-changing demands of customers, and the rapid pace of market disruptions and opportunities, analytics has become a cornerstone of sustainable competitive advantage.

We understand that data and data analytics in any sector can be compounded, thereby, creating enormous knowledge that provides valuable insights into a specific field. However, there is still a significant gap between mature analytics practitioners and late entrants who are trying to catch up.

In this whitepaper, we provide insights to enable business leaders to discern how much time is required to set up and leverage analytics, to derive practical value out of data, as well as the key factors involved in scaling up in the long-term.

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