The easiest way to relocate to Cyprus is by obtaining a visitor visa.

For an applicant to obtain a visitor visa, it is required of them, to have their own stable income from overseas from legal sources, either in the form of:

  • A salary from overseas employment;
  • Dividends, shares;
  • Income from a rental property abroad;
  • Other.

General Conditions:

  • A visitor visa is valid for 12 months and it is renewable each year;
  • It does not give the main applicant or their spouse the right to work in Cyprus;
  • Each family member is required to submit a separate application;
  • The initial package of documents is submitted by the main applicant and family members on the same day;
  • The applicant must enter the Republic of Cyprus with a tourist visa (short-term) granted at the embassy of Cyprus of their home country or country of permanent residence.

Other Important Conditions:

  • The holder of the visa cannot be absent from the country for more than 90 days in a row;
  • If the above period is exceeded, the visitor visa is revoked and the holder is not allowed to enter the country;
  • Detailed statement of bank account transactions in a financial institution in the Republic of Cyprus, for the last 12 months in case of a renewal or from the date of opening the account in the case of a first permit, showing the foreign remittances in the name of the applicant which in total should not it is less than €2,000 per month or €24,000 per year for one person. This amount increases by 20% for the spouse and by 15% for each child. For the purposes of calculating the amount, transfers abroad or to third parties will not be taken into account.
  • During the first permit, a cash transfer or deposit of at least €10,000 is also accepted. In the case of a cash deposit, the cash declaration at customs must be submitted.
  • Original medical examination certificate of blood tests, proving that the third-country national does not suffer from hepatitis B, and C, HIV, syphilis, as well as a chest X-ray for tuberculosis with a doctor's opinion, stamped by a specialist doctor from the Republic of Cyprus ONLY for the 1st Permit.

Required Documents & Certificates:

  • A legalized clean criminal record certificate must be issued from the applicant's home country or country of permanent residence (the certificate should not be older than 6 months old );
  • The approximate time frame for the final approval from the immigration headquarters and receiving the card from the authorities is approximately 4-5 months;
  • A letter of guarantee is required for every family member and applicant;
  • Application for Cypriot citizenship can be submitted after seven (7) years of legal residency or alternatively, permanent residency can be obtained after seven (7) years;
  • After 183 days in Cyprus the visa holder can become a tax resident in Cyprus and benefit from lower taxes.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.