Toronto mediator Eric Gossin is a part of DSF's mediation team who provides an efficient and cost-effective method of dispute resolution thus providing a forum for constructive and positive discussion between the parties at a dispute. It suggests an alternative to a trial or arbitration, where the outcome is imposed by a third party (judge, jury or arbitrator). In mediation, a mediator will facilitate a conversation between two or more people to help them resolve a dispute. Our mediators are unbiased and will not make decisions for you. They are trained to establish and maintain a safe, confidential, communicative process, and to help participants reach an agreement on their own. The process is informal and private, making mediation much less stressful than court proceedings. And without any costly or lengthy court time, our services save you more time and money.

With over 20 years of experience, our mediators offer mediation services in many areas of law, including; family law, personal injury, insurance defence, real estate, business and corporate services, employment law, medical malpractice, tax/wealth planning, and sexual abuse cases.

At trial, there is often a winner and a loser. But at mediation, the parties have the final decision-making power and have control over the process and the result. Mediation relies on a neutral facilitator who guides the parties to a mutually agreeable resolution. In addition, the parties can elect to keep the mediation proceedings confidential, which is often not possible at a trial or arbitration. For more information about Eric Gossin please visit