Svitlana Teush, head of the renewable energy, construction and infrastructure practices at Redcliffe Partners, contributed to the preparation of the 2019 Climatescope survey, Bloomberg New Energy Finance's public resource to help developers and investors assess clean-energy policies and opportunities in the developing world.

Ukraine scored 8th overall this year amongst the 104 economies surveyed by Bloomberg. That improvement, from 63rd in the previous year, shows vividly the volume and pace of the country's progress in energy transition.

The survey ranks Ukraine amongst the top 10 developing nations for clean energy asset finance in 2018. The 2018 saw investment levels for Ukraine reach a new peak following the power sector reforms, an attractive feed-in tariff and tax incentives. There was a huge jump in foreign investment flows to Ukraine's clean energy sector, which took in $801 million in 2018 compared with $46 million in 2017. The complete Climatescope survey, including the data sets for all 104 emerging markets, can be found at: The pdf version of the report is available by the link.